Saturday, June 18, 2011

The performance of the year

It really is.  
Claire's dance studio has only one recital each year.  It's big time.  It's at Emen's auditorium at Ball State.
 I can never bring myself to spend money on the pictures from the studio.  So here is yet another year of Claire in her costume, in her sneakers, on the porch.  I like it better this way anyway.
 Because Maebel can be in it.

And the mama.

We are so proud of her! Last year they had their teacher on stage with them. 
This year the girls are by themselves (you'll notice a lot of blank stares and searching for their marks.)  
I noticed that Claire wasn't the tallest in the class like she usually is. 
 Then I remembered that this is actually a class for 5 and 6 year olds.  Our tall prima ballerina.
We are especially proud of her because she laughed at herself when she saw the video and said, 
"I always kept thinking it was jumping time!"  


  1. I remember being there last year. Wish I could have seen it live again but so glad you posted the video. Claire was AMAZING. She is such a beautiful ballerina with her movements. So proud of her.

  2. Lovely and amazing. The photos, the girls and especially you.

  3. that video is so cute and sincere. you all are so beautiful!