Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saturday Morning 'Toons

So thankful for these guys.  

Oliver nearly died when he was stung by a bee (for the 4th time!)  I was certain he was dead when I rushed him to the Vet.  But his work on Earth isn't finished yet, I guess, and he returned to us.  

Some funny quotes from the VH's latley...

Claire:  "Maebel!  Stop giving me the stinkiest eye!  Never do that, it just makes people feel gloomy."
Maebel:  (regarding her coloring ability) "I am so impressed of myself!"
Trever:  (with Maebel on his back, giggling) "Where is that Maebel?  I never can seem to find her!"
Lauren:  (regarding her drawing class) "Stay in the lines, the lines are our friends.  (repeat)"

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to August

August is a time to celebrate. 

 It's Foot Health Month,  Family Eye Care Month,  Happiness Happens Month,  Family Fun Month,  Getting Older and Eager Month,  May Your Reading be a Haven Month, Women's Small Business Month,  Harvest Month,  International Air Travel Month,  Peach Month, National Golf Month,  National Parks Month,  National Catfish Month,  National Water Quality Month,  and Romance Awareness Month.

 The girls all ready to tumble, jump and swing from bars at gymnastics.

Claire and her violin teacher, Derek.