Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saturday Morning 'Toons

So thankful for these guys.  

Oliver nearly died when he was stung by a bee (for the 4th time!)  I was certain he was dead when I rushed him to the Vet.  But his work on Earth isn't finished yet, I guess, and he returned to us.  

Some funny quotes from the VH's latley...

Claire:  "Maebel!  Stop giving me the stinkiest eye!  Never do that, it just makes people feel gloomy."
Maebel:  (regarding her coloring ability) "I am so impressed of myself!"
Trever:  (with Maebel on his back, giggling) "Where is that Maebel?  I never can seem to find her!"
Lauren:  (regarding her drawing class) "Stay in the lines, the lines are our friends.  (repeat)"

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