Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

It's been quite awhile.  Here are some photos from this winter.

 Claire won the Character Award at Holy Cross Lutheran School for "Peace."
So proud of her!  (Even though she was a wee bit embarrassed here.)

Maebel sang in church with her preschool.  I have a video of her, but for some reason there is no audio with it.  Did I mention that we made it on time?  We did.  1 point for mom anyway.

Maebel is in preschool Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

Fun times with Grandpa. 

Oliver got neutered.  He was not thrilled. 

The squirrels continue torment him. 

 Spring haircuts!  We were in a hurry to get to church for Maebel to sing so this was the happiest picture I got.  Did I mention we got there on time?
Two front teeth gone, glasses and a haircut.  A new Claire!  
 Sadly, sweetie Tom, Blue Heart died.  It was pneumonia.  But I think it may have been from sticking his head in Trever's shoe.

Cousins!  Our other cousins visited too, but I didn't get pictures!  Mom is back to 0 points. 

Sickness hit for a bit.  But the girls remained ever so sweet.

The Mama is still a tad crazy. 

And Trever quit medical school and started a band.

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