Sunday, January 6, 2013

a new year

Happy New Year, all!  

I have an interesting resolution this year.  I want to capture moments in life without the stress of needing to catch the perfect shot.

I turned in my fancy, semi-profesh camera for a simpler (but still manual, let's get real, I still need camera functions) one.  I enjoyed taking pictures of families and weddings but, overall I came to discover it wasn't for me.  I found myself in photoshop too often, trying to get the picture just right by everyone else's standards.  My photos started looking like everything else out there.  I sorta lost my love of photography doing this.  

My goal this year is to take the pictures I WANT.  I like my pictures to look old, grainy, weird.  I like them to look more like journal entries than studio portraits.  Sometimes I just like the texture of something or an interesting shape or color.

So welcome to pictures SOOC (straight out of the camera.)  Un-photoshopped.  Taken in the moment.  Capturing what I want to remember.  -I know I will still use photoshop eventually.  It's way to fun to drop completely.

I wish the best for you all this year.  Live in the moment and don't worry about getting just the right shot, whatever your "photography" may be.  Sketch crappy drawings.  Write bad poetry.  Sing loud and bad.  I think this sort of real living will turn into some beautiful works of art.  

Be free to look stupid as you try new things!

Claire's sweet haircut.  Isn't she so pretty?

 Watching some funnies on the computer.