Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June in GIF's.

It's been a long while since I've blogged about anything.  We've been having a wonderful summer thus far.
SO good, in fact, I'm going to catch you using GIF's!!
 (Trever and I secretly love gifs.  We laugh real hard at them.)


Part 1

In the beginning we thought medical school would be managable.
But instead, it's more like…

But, by the grace of God and many wonderful friends and family
 we figured out how to make it through.  Tricky.  But we made it through the first few years.

Trever took his Boards June 5th.  
 He felt really good about it.

My man works his tail off, but I still like to tease him.  
This is what I like to think he does all day...

Anyway, third and forth year of medical school are not available in Muncie.
So we had to leave our good friends and move to Fort Wayne.

So back in the winter I decided it would be best to move right after his big exam.
But when the time came I was like

But get this!  
Starting next year 3rd and 4th year students 
WILL be able to complete their schooling in Muncie.  We missed it by one year! 
When we found out we were all...

I am still living in denial
 about moving away from my best friends!

After we moved to Fort Wayne, Trever had to go to Indy for 4 days.  
We're pretty used to not having him around 
so when someone is like, "My husband was gone for one whole night,"  I'm like…
Just made me stronger, is all I'm sayin'.  
But boy are we glad to have 2 more weeks with him home!

Part 2

We went on an awesome VanderHorst family vacation to Tennessee! 

 It was a long drive but totally worth it.  
Maebel and Claire did have a few rough moments.

The cabin was great!  
It was on a huge mountain in a totally remote area surrounded by majestic trees. 
 And no internet.

Each night the girls had a ton of energy.  They stayed up so late.  
At 11pm Claire was all like…

I even got to go to the grocery store without children for like the third time in my life.

And we went horse back riding!  Claire was awesome and appointed leader of the pack.  
But I had a hard time.  
I couldn't get my horse to cooperate.   I was all...

Then we went to the Aquarium!
This is what we saw as we drove through Gatlinburg

Trever clued the Shark in that it had actually been living 
in a man-made tank at an aquarium in Gatlinburg and the shark was all like

Dad VH and sons went out to look at knives, but I know what they really did.

Nah, it was important for the brothers to have some good male bonding time

Eric and Liss made donuts!  Breakfast is my favorite so I was all...

I think I washed the girls' hair one time while we were there.
It's ok.  They can still work it.

There were a lot of wasps hassling us on the porch at the cabin.

But, turns out, Dad VH is a wasp ninja.
Those wasps would threaten the kids and dad would kill them on the spot.
He is so smooth.

Part 3

Our drive home from Tennessee.
I was desperate by hour 9 in the car with the girls. 
 That's when I gave Maebel her second sucker of the trip.  She was all...

But when she finished I told her we still had 4 hours left of our drive she was all…

Finally, I realized we were moments away from home,

No really.  The girls did a great job traveling.  Now when it comes to long car trips I'm like

Now that we are back in Fort Wayne,
Trev and I have been taking advantage of the fitness center at the apartment.
 We've gotten a little out of shape over the past three years.

And you guys!
Fort Wayne has the best library system in the State!
Our whole family was like…

Since we've returned home Claire has been trying
to convince me that she doesn't ever need to take a nap again.  I'm like…

Sorry girl.

Also since we have returned, Maebel has been waking up at 6:15am.  
It would be more pleasant if she were like…

But it's great having the whole family together again.  
I've spent entirely too much time on this!
Good night.


  1. Snuggles and I loved this post!

  2. This must have taken you a long time to put together. It is much appreciated! We LOVED reading this post. It made us laugh out loud. We had never heard of GIFs before. Thank you also for the update on the move and little snippets of your vacation with the Trever's family. Congrats to Trever for passing his boards!!!!!

    We also noticed you all got a dog. HE is very cute. We just became dog owners ourselves on Saturday with a 9 mo old Australian Shepherd.

    We hope Fort Wayne is as good to you as Muncie has been.