Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family of Nerds

I treasure my family.
One of my favorite things about our fam is how we love each other's quirks.

Like how, for some reason, Claire sings like Adam Sandler.

And how, if I ever want to capture a "normal" expression on Maebel's face 
I have to sneak in and take it while she's sleeping.

I'm a total nerd too.  
 The awesome lighting on Maebel's hair in the following picture trumps her grumpy expression.  
So the picture is a "win" in my book.  (Trever took this one!)

 I love how proudly Trever wears his pink tie the girls picked out for Father's Day.

Trever's nerdy moment today was when he said, 
"No, to do that you would need to use a dedicated video devise."

Just some randomness today.


  1. Eli loves Claires singing. We've watched it 6 times and still counting.

    love to all
    The Cullums

  2. I know how that goes. We have several videos we have to watch over and over. Here is Maebel's favorite right now. I think your kiddos would like it too.

    There is sometimes a 20 second commercial, or something like that before the video starts.

  3. oh my goodness we both just laughed until we cried. Cows up on a Mantel "Can I have some gum?". Please post more. I wish you were living to Calgary with us. miss you. eric & carrie